Alat Ukur Kedalaman Retak IWIN-FSY Crack Depth Gauge

Rp 30.000.000,00

Product features

◎ New upgraded wireless cloud transmission function;

◎ It adopts three anti-shell design, waterproof, dustproof and shockproof;

◎ On-site testing is simple and fast, no need to manually interpret the acoustic parameters, directly display the crack depth;

◎ The instrument is easy to operate, fast to master, no need for professional knowledge;

◎ High accuracy, the maximum error is not more than 5 mm or 2%-10% of the actual seam depth.

◎ Use bracket test without scribing, accurate spacing, adjustable, greatly improving test efficiency.

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Host parameters:
Waterproof level: IP65 Screen size: 5 inches
LCD resolution: 640 × 480
Volume: 195 × 140 × 45mm Weight: 0.8kg

Crack depth test range ≤500mm
Test error ≤ 5mm or 2% to 10% of the actual depth
Measurement method:
Standard measurement
fast measurement (quick test stand)

Data transmission interface: USB
Data storage capacity: 20,000 sets
Data transmission method: Wireless cloud transmission (optional)
Power supply: Large capacity lithium battery
Work environment: Temperature: -10 ° C ~ 40 ° C Humidity: <90% RH

Packing specification:
Material: engineering plastic
Volume: 420 × 140 × 335mm Weight: 5.5kg


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